Can This App Keep Your Building And Its Visitors Safe?

This is the process that we – at VividLabs – used, in order to come up with the idea of building Visitor Manager. It’s an app for facility managers, visitors, and front desk receptionists to stay safe, save time and be more efficient.    

Keep reading if you want to find out:  

  1. How we identified the problem that Visitor Manager is solving 
  2. How we added the features that help solve this problem.  
  3. How you can test the app and help us improve Visitor Manager

If you want to see what Visitor Manager is about, go here, to the Visitor Manager Landing Page .

We built Visitor Manager to solve a problem   

 You may not see it as a problem but you know about it. And when you encountered it you thought to yourself:   

“There must be better/faster/more sanitary ways to do this.”   

 And yet there aren’t many. A year after the world went through a sanitary crisis, businesses are still using the wrong ways to welcome their visitors. We are talking about buildings such as gyms, schools, co-working spaces, office buildings, medical facilities, or event halls  

We set out to solve the main problem – how can they welcome their visitors in a safer, faster way that can also protect their health and the security of the building? 

When we were still in the solution validation phase with Visitor Manager, we talked to a lot of people who were frustrated by how visitor management is being done currently. We talked to visitors, receptions, and facility managers and we identified three main frustrations:   

  1. Building managers realized they needed to track visitors more closely – even though this need was highlighted by the idea of tracking close contacts between people, in case of COVID infections, it generally improves the security of the building.   
  2. Both visitors and front desk receptionists were frustrated with having to use pen & paper, especially during the COVID-19 situation. More than that, they were especially frustrated of having to do it many times with the same information. Because of this, they were also concerned for their safety.   
  3. Visitors were frustrated when the buildings they were visiting wouldn’t offer them information on how to get where they need to be.   

Based on these findings, we set to develop features which help visitors, front desk receptionists, and facility managers feel safe, improve the security of the space and assets and save time.   

sursa: prototip Visitor Manager

Visitor Manager tracks everyone who enters the building, stores information, and traces close contacts between people

To store visitor information most quickly and securely, we added an ID scanner that works with all officially recognized identification documents. The information is then secured safely, according to the laws in place.    

With the information from the documents, a profile is then created for each user. The information from the profile is then used to automatically fill the required document. Visitors and receptionists no longer waste time and the system can trace close contacts between people in case of a medical emergency.   


QR Codes provide visitors with information about the building, people, and documents

Each user profile has a unique QR code which is scanned at the entrance of the building. When the code is scannedvisitors receive the necessary information for their visit – a map of the building, info about the people they are about to meetand the documents that must be filled for the visit.


Visitor Manager helps visitors and receptionists stay safe and save time

Because the user information is safely stored inside the app, it can be used every time there is a document that needs to be filled in. This is works with basic information, such as name and signature, as well as more complex documents such as health statements.   

From the admin panel, receptionists can check calendars, rooms’ availability, or guests’ journey.   


Use Hot-Desking for a safe work environment  

Hot desking is the approach where a small number of desks and offices is used by a big number of employees with the help of a scheduling system. If you work in an office building or a co-working space, this approach will allow you to use the space more efficiently but also increase productivity and collaboration between employees.   

How you can help us improve Visitor Manager by testing the app

As you read this, we are still working on improving Visitor Manager so it can best serve the people and facilities which will use it. If you’ve read this far, it means that you are the right person to help us, as we are in great need of your expertise and opinion.   

All you need to do is test the prototype and fill a quick survey about your experience with the app. 

  1. Open the prototype here and use it just like you would a normal app. 
  2. Fill this survey and let us know your opinion about Visitor Manager.

That’s all! Thank you for your time and stay tuned to find out when Visitor Manager will be live. 

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