Protect your building and all your visitors

With Visitor Manager, you manage all the visits in the building, strengthen the security of the space and help people easily reach their destination.

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How does Visitor Manager help you?

Visitors scan their personal QR code upon entering the premises.


They get all the information needed for the visit, inside the app.


You keep track of visitors and help them reach their destination.


Visitor Manager increases safety and efficiency for visitors
and front desk receptionists


Find out who enters the building and for what purpose

The visitors scan their ID through the app, which automatically generates a profile with their information.

Trace the close contacts between people

In case of medical emergenciessuch as COVID-19 infectionsyou can trace infected people and those who got in contact with them. This way, you can alert everyone and control the affected locations.


Help visitors get exactly where they need to be

The information that the visitors receive in the app, directs them exactly where they need to be, in the fastest and most secure way. 

Save time at the front desk

With QR codes and scanners you reduce the time spent by visitors and front desk receptionists for filling out forms or giving out information.


Get rid of papers, pens, and illegible handwriting

The documents are generated automatically and they are filled digitally. This helps you maintain the hygiene and social distancing norms, as well as saving the information safely and securely.

Hot-Desking helps you transform the workplace into a flexible space that encourages collaboration

If you manage a co-working space or an office building, the Hot Desking approach helps you transform the place into a flexible one, where collaboration between people and innovation are the norm. With a scheduling system in place, the offices can be used in shifts.


Tasks made easy for the front desk receptionists

With the desktop version of Visitor Manager, the front desk receptionists will control and track the visits digitally, from a distance. They can also check calendars, rooms’ availability or guests’ journey.

Turn the building into a secure and accessible place